Project Census

Dear Parishioners,

The Parish Council along with the reverend priests would like to announce the start of a new project – Project Census. The goal of the project is to consolidate all ‘church-related’ documentation for every family based on envelope numbers.

Through this initiative we are looking to organize the certificates listed below (per family) –

  1. Birth certificates
  2. Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation certificates
  3. Marriage certificates
  4. Death certificates
  5. Any other related certificates

While you may or may not have submitted these documents at different point in times, we would like your help one more time to help us in this initiative.

Starting, Sunday, 12/22 to end of February 2020, we will have desks lined up in the Parish Hall where you can come and update your family information. Along with updating your family information, please bring the above-mentioned certificates, where we will scan and copying certificates (originals returned, same day, immediately, post scanning).

The advantages of the initiative, as you can understand, is that we can digitally store the certificates and reference them easily as and when needed. We look forward to your wholehearted cooperation and support without which this initiative cannot be a success.