Syro-Malabar Catholic Congress (SMCC)

SMCC is an organization that seeks to promote the ethnic, spiritual, educational and civic advancement of the Syro Malabar Catholics in USA, under the St. Thomas Syro Malabar Catholic Dioceses of Chicago.
SMCC Bronx Chapter - We strive to introduce the young people, of our community, to the apostolic traditions and encourage engagement in activities to enhance civic and political education and participation of SMCC members. We promote spiritual, religious, charitable, social and cultural activities. A few major activities/achievements by SMCC are:
• Through the unceasing efforts of the SMCC members, we were instrumental in the formation of 1st Malayalee political action committee in Westchester -- NY(IA-PAC).
• To showcase our rich Malayalee cultural heritage, we celebrate Onam and Kerala Day every year.
• SMCC understands that along with religious education, our parishioners require education that pertains to day-today activities. To achieve that we also conduct seminars on Tax, Will, Real Estate and defensive driving courses
Malayalam School is part of SMCC. Through Malayalam school our kids learn to read, write and talk in our mother tongue and understand our culture. We celebrate Malayalam School anniversary along with Kerala day celebrations. Bronx Chapter is an energetic Chapter at the national level, which is made possible by the efforts of all current members. However, we would not be here, if it were not for the tireless contributions of all past leaders, to whom I owe a sense of deep gratitude and congratulate them on all their contributions. I am very great full to Fr. Jos Kandathikudy, our spiritual leader, whose full support to SMCC for the past 17 years, is the foundation on which we continue to build. I wish strong participation from all parishioners to strengthen our parish and community through SMCC.