Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD)

Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) is an, association established in Rome in 1562 for the purpose, of giving religious education. It’s modern usage is a religious, education program of the Roman Catholic Church, normally, designed for children. The mission of our CCD is to help, our children to grow spiritually, intellectually and socially, following our Syro Malabar culture. Our CCD school is very, fortunate to have dedicated and talented staff and supportive, parents. 
CCD classes for the current year had started on September, 10, 2017 at 9.30 AM in the parish hall. There are 141 students, registered for the CCD this year. The CCD students were, provided with a folder and notebook in addition to the text, books. 
The team consists of 24 teachers volunteering in grades, Pre-K to 12th, a principal, assistant principal, registrar and, an administrative assistant. Classes start at 9:45AM and end at 10:55AM on Sundays. We conduct assemblies on second, Sunday of the month at 10:20AM with prayer, news related, to Syro Malabar church and a subject which is relevant to the, times through audio visual presentation. To encourage our, students in the habit of reading the Bible, we give out gifts to, CCD students whose verses get picked up during the regular, CCD assembly. 
A few of highlights for the school year 2017-2018 is as follows: 
• A two-teacher system was introduced, which has greatly, improved the way CCD classes are being conducted.
• Teachers incorporated technology and media into their, curriculum to efficiently impart lessons and faith related, matters.
• We use WhatsApp groups and email platforms to effectively, communicate between staff.
• Teachers use WhatsApp, when communicating between, teachers and their students/parents. This has greatly, improved effectiveness of the administration of CCD, program.
• Digital attendance and Google classroom was piloted in, grades 7-12., • A historian and assembly resource were selected.
• CCD staff members attended the Youth ministers’ seminar, at Yonkers Seminary., • CCD conducted midterm and final exams and report, cards were distributed. 
• After the mid-term, a parent teacher meeting was conduced, in parish hall, which was well appreciated by all parents., • Exposition of the most Blessed Sacrament right after the, first Holy Mass enabled the teachers to participate in, adoration before they go to CCD classes.
Along with regular religious education classes, we arrange, special programs for the students for their overall growth in, different areas. Some of activities are:
• Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament for all classes
• Coat drive and food drive for the poor
• Volunteering at homeless shelter
• Candy gram charity event 
• Breakfast with Santa
• Hosting Sisters of Life for Pro-Life Month
• Classes were held to discuss the etiquettes for receiving Holy Communion
• CML fund raising for the poor
• Adoration at ‘Catholic Underground’ in Scarsdale and, New York city
• ‘Operation Christmas Child’
• Safe environment training for teachers and students
• Session on Theology of the Body to senior students
• CCD Lenten day of reflection/retreat for CCD children and Jesus Youth encounter
In December 2017, Bible month was observed under the guidance of CCD. Bible procession was held on first Sunday, with the participation from the parishioners and CCD children. CCD also held a Bible quiz for the students and parishioners. All students and representatives from different wards (belonging to Bronx church) actively participated thereby making it a success. Trophies and cash awards were awarded to the students and trophies were awarded to the winners from the respective wards. The winners received their prizes during the Christmas-New Year celebrations held in January 2018.
Our First Holy communion and confirmation is a major celebration of our 3rd and 7th grade students. We conducted this as a solemn event on 12th May in the presence of Bishop and priests.
We held 4 CCD staff meetings this school year, wherein we discussed activities, made suggestions for improvements, all of which has greatly enabled the effectiveness of our mission. Rev Fr. Kevin Mundackal spent time with the CCD students in each grade talking about vocation. We are proud of Rev Fr. Kevin Mundackal, who belongs to our parish and is the first Syro Malabar priest from USA.
CCD students, grade 3 and up, are given a Holy Bible from CCD. All students were given a set of 15 saints books at discounted prices and various prayer books in the hopes that they may draw inspirations from the lives of the saints and learn the various prayers.
CCD staff sent out summer assignments to CCD students and parents so that the children learn the basic prayers and some important Bible chapters which are useful in their lives. It is important to remember that parents have the primary responsibility to instill morality and faith in their children. Teachers have limited time with the students and try to be of assistance, however small, as the children make their journey in their faith.
We take this opportunity to thank in a special way our Vicar Rev Fr. Jos Kandathikudy, assistant vicar Rev Fr. Royson Menolickal, trustees, parish council members and parishioners for their cooperation and support for CCD.